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Tractor Bastard


Available now from Malfranteaux Concepts

Tractor Bastard

A new collection of 20 poems from Haworth Hodgkinson

Review by Richie Brown

Review by E. E. Chandler

Launched at New Words 2012

Friday 14 September 2012
Lastbus Works Canteen, New Pitsligo
Review by Mark Pithie

Saturday 15 September 2012
Syllavethy Gallery, Montgarrie
Review by Colin Edwards

Witty, wry, surreal and biting by turns, Haworth Hodgkinson's writing and performances stand out from the crowd. With their offbeat glimpsing, his poems press reality's Refresh button. Haworth is a rare poet with a unique style. To see the world anew, enquire within.

Eddie Gibbons, poet

What amazes me about Haworth's poetry is the breadth of his imagination. He emblazons the everyday with extraordinary meaning from quirky quips in Cows to the lyrical depth and beauty of A Dozen Words for Fog to the haunting tone of Stone to Ice. His poetry embraces nature in all its forms whether comical, sinister, beautiful or surreal. These poems will resonate with us long after the page has been turned.

Catriona Yule, poet

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