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The Floor (extract)

Haworth Hodgkinson


First of all there had just been a stone floor. Uneven slabs of dressed granite. The singers loved it. Every morning they bounced their antiphons around the hall and into the vaulted roofspace. In the evening the dancers twisted their ankles and fell among discarded food fragments. At night the cleaners swilled it down with gothic bleach and renaissance disinfectant.

At some stage it was decided to install wooden floorboards. Planks were laid between pedestals and hammered into place. This new found evenness was great for the dancers' ankles, but some found the protruding nails a problem for their feet. A murmur amongst the choristers bemoaned the lost echo and the cleaners swapped their buckets for brooms to sweep the dust into the cracks between the boards.

Read the rest of this story in Point of Balance.


Written 2006
Edited 2008/2013

Published in Point of Balance, 2013
(Lemon Tree Writers)

Point of Balance

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